I’ve Had Enough.

I have had enough. I’ve had enough of the 9 to 5, the sound of keyboards, the smell of tea. I’ve had enough of dark mornings and rain and late busses and tired toddlers in tantrums at my feet. I’ve had enough of debt and overdrafts. I’ve had enough of minimum wage. I’ve had enough of landlords and rent. I’ve had enough of the 6 o’clock TV, and microwave meals and I’ve had enough of sleeping alone.

I’m sick and tired of small talk and chatter. I’m done with corporate events. I hate my local pub and the people that fill it, I’m bored with white lines off the back of your credit card. I don’t want the hangovers, the headaches and dry mouth. I dread Monday mornings – the same shit again. Back to the office, the warehouse, the kitchen – it’s all the same wherever you choose. The same people, the same jobs, the same nonsensical rules. Mind numbing, soul crushing work for the masses.

I’ve had enough of thinking it over, the back and fourth the not too sure. I’ve had enough of doctors and tablets. I’ve had enough of bad advice, the whispers and the looks. I’ve had enough of being young and had enough of being old. I’ve had enough of arms like lead, brain in fog and vacant eyes. I’ve had enough of pretty much everything. Grown tired of people and cars and cats. I’ve had enough of watching the clock tick slowly towards towards the 5. Because tonight is the night, where enough is enough.

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